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How can we help you?

We are primarily a consultancy, helping organisations to solve complex R&D problems using the most advanced mathematical and statistical methods available.  In-house training and licensing of our software tools are offered when they are appropriate for your needs.  Due to strong demand we are working towards making key software tools available via a web interface.

Our speciality is to guide our clients through the most relevant techniques for their particular problems and ensure that they encounter the best possible design solutions - ones that increasingly cannot be found by any other means.   An overview of the process is given here.

As well as our general mathematical and data analysis services, we have a number of specialities where we are at the forefront of modern best practice:

  • High-performance empirical modelling – using our proprietary BGP design and analysis methods to understand and optimise massively complex systems; increasingly the only way to do this effectively.

  • Computer Experiments – integrating simulation tools (e.g. CFD and FE solvers) into a model-based R&D process to generate both insight and huge efficiency gains.

  • Nonlinear design and analysis – understanding systems via their fundamental equations when possible, combining increased efficiency with scientific insight and opportunities for new research directions.

We offer a flexible and independent service with a proven track record, specific experience, world-class performance, controllable costs and tailor-made solutions.  You will notice the difference when we help you to improve your R&D effectiveness and move in the right direction on the time-complexity diagram


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