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About Hopkins Research

Hopkins Research Limited was founded in 2002 by Michael Hopkins to build upon eleven years of original research and successful results created by ACS Consultancy.  Michael remains the principal consultant and has collected together a group of associates with specific skills. We are a specialist organisation focused on the application of unique statistical modelling and global solution methods to complex, technology-based problems.

We have collaborated with world class R&D departments in many fields, including: automotive powertrain and safety, aerospace, Formula One racing, banking, medicine, IT, electronics and acoustics - with companies based in the UK, continental Europe and the USA.
Our motivation is that modern product and process design problems in a wide range of seemingly unrelated fields can be put into a generic form.  This allows them to be solved with unprecedented efficiency using advanced proprietary techniques.  If your organisation works with these complex design problems and needs better solutions faster than the competition, we can help you.

Recently, important concepts such as Computer Experiments, Robust Design, Model-Based Design and Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation have rightly attracted interest as ways forward in contemporary R&D.  As a specialist who introduced these approaches in Europe, we know how to apply them better than anyone and our clients reap the benefits of working with a committed leader in the field. Potential users should be wary of companies whose marketing overstates their experience and technical competence.

Along with the everyday business of getting exciting results on projects (here is an example), we continue to develop state-of-the-art methods that help keep our clients ahead of the increasingly complex problems that need to be addressed. This research activity is a fundamental part of our philosophy and sets us apart from companies offering ‘textbook’ techniques that have lost touch with contemporary problems.

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