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What have we done?

Clients   amongst the international organisations that have used our services since 1991 are:

  • Global automotive manufacturers and consultancies
  • Leading aerospace companies
  • Formula One and Formula 3000 racing teams
  • Banks and specialist option trading consultancies
  • Global VLSI and electronics R&D and manufacturers
  • Medical technology companies

Projects   here is a sample of work that we have been involved in:

  • Design and calibration of engine management systems and advanced engine testbeds
  • Sensitivity and robustness analysis for an aerospace opto-mechanical system
  • Analysis, modelling and risk optimisation of exotic option portfolios
  • Design of advanced magnetic, electrical, electronic and electro-acoustic systems
  • Combustion and coolant flow research for high-performance petrol and Diesel engines
  • Design of automotive structures for passenger and pedestrian impact safety
  • Analysis of audio compression and copyrighting algorithms
  • Suspension and aerodynamics optimisation for high-performance racing cars

More detail on clients and projects here.    Information on research and publications here.

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