touch the future

Who will be interested?

People who either carry out or oversee the R&D function for complex products and processes.  In particular, those seeking to innovate and find competitive advantage with advanced and original methods - who typically want to achieve:

  • Better designs - higher performance, cheaper to produce, innovative, more robust
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Management of complexity - less problems during design and manufacturing
  • New insights for fundamental research
  • Opportunities for new products and processes or different market sectors

The areas where our methods add value are many and varied – essentially, anywhere that a complex system behaviour needs to be understood, manipulated and optimised. Some examples are:

  • Engineering - automotive/racing technology, ecology, aerospace, medical imaging ...
  • Finance - risk management of exotic option portfolios, arbitrage trading ...
  • IT - semiconductor R&D/manufacture, network or OS kernel design, software testing ...

Applications are limited only by the imagination of the client.  Precise description is a challenge because our techniques are genuinely generic when applied with skill and imagination.  It has become clear to us that discussions focused in the subject area are important in helping potential clients fully appreciate opportunities.


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